Terry Alby is an experienced, innovative onsite image gatherer and provides a number of onsite Photo ART image-gathering services including:

  • Your Site Services – Image gathering on property you own, including farms, homes, cabins, businesses, or developments
  • Local Site Services – Image gathering near property you own or have associations with, including local parks, lakes, or other recreation areas, and construction projects
  • Distant Site Services – Image gathering far removed from property you own or have associations with, including vender/supplier operations; vacation spots; corporate team-building exercise venues; and non-local parks, lakes, and recreation areas
  • Event Services – Image gathering at meetings, conventions, open houses, sporting events, corporate gatherings, award ceremonies, golf outings, and family gatherings (remember, no weddings or funerals)
  • Post-Camera Edits and Enhancements (painting with light, adjusting perspective, special effects, or otherwise enhancing images to correct for tone or color issues, or to improve or remove (where possible) unsightly or unwanted items in the image. Physically cleaning, fixing, or removing stuff from your site – for example, trees, rocks, stumps, driveways, bone-yards, or material piles – can get very expensive. Digitally cleaning, fixing, or removing stuff from the gathered image can often save you time and dollars.
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Terry takes a professional approach to his onsite work, while embracing ALBY ART core values: Creativity, Work Ethic, Giving, Quality, and Fun.

Keys to effective onsite-image gathering are establishing trust and rapport and clearly defining upfront both what the successful onsite image gathering exercise should accomplish and how the gathered images will be used/displayed.

Building rapport starts long before an onsite session. After the initial contact (by phone, email, or by filling out the Request a Quote form), Terry finds it important to get to know you and determine what your needs are.

Often, it is best to meet in person – either at the image-gathering site or at the ALBYART Photo Studio where visuals can be best viewed. Expect Terry to use humor to make you feel comfortable and to ask lots of questions.

A face-to-face meeting also affords you the chance to ask Terry questions and learn more about him, his creative process, and what you can expect from him – prior to, day(s) of, and post shoot – if you commission him to gather onsite images.

For corporate onsite imaging work, it helps if Terry can get a good feel for your organization – its history, culture, key accomplishments – and where and how the onsite-gathered images will be used. He can and will do online research about your enterprise (as you most likely are, if you are reading this as part of your due diligence in considering commissioning Terry to provide onsite image-gathering services). But there are benefits to getting information directly from the source, as compared to reading prepared content.


Terry’s goals are to make your onsite image-gathering sessions efficient, cost-effective, successful (meeting your needs, based on what you wanted to accomplish when commissioning his onsite services), and fun.

To best achieve these goals, Terry recommends onsite assessment (when practical). Considerations best contemplated on site include natural lighting challenges (direction, intensity, and shadows at different times of day), ground conditions as they relate to vehicle and human mobility (mud, elevations, obstructions, etc.), and weather and other influences (including potential background challenges).

Weather can be especially challenging and warrants scans and predictions two-days prior, one-day prior, and morning of the image-gathering event. Weather and site-condition liability releases are part of Terry’s onsite image-gathering commission process.

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss commissioning Terry to gather onsite images for you, contact Terry at: terry@albyart.com or 262-806-2086

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