When commissioned by collectors, Terry Alby welcomes the opportunity to create personalized Wood ART.

This personalization can take many forms.

Wood ART created from wood brought by the collector to Terry for enhancement is automatically personalized, due to its deep connection with the collector. Examples might include family heirlooms; stumps, roots, logs, or burls from the family farm; or wood harvested from your land and cured for keepsakes to be made later and displayed in a structure on the property.

Proud of his Wood ART, Terry delights in signing and dating his works.

Collector/Artist Collaboration

Terry enjoys working with collectors to personally design Wood ART to fit their desires. This collector/artist collaboration can happen with wood brought to Terry from the collector, with cured wood from Terry’s stockroom, or from Terry’s inventory of partially-completed Wood ART pieces. The collaboration process often starts with collectors searching Terry’s Wood ART Gallery to spark ideas for creating a personalized work.


For Wood ART purchased as presents for others, Terry is happy to permanently burn into the piece your personalized message. If requested, he can help you craft the message. Personalized messages might recognize an important milestone, express love or appreciation, or be humorous, witty, or wry.

Wood Availability

When ordering or commissioning a piece of Wood ART from Terry, please remember that some wood may be available immediately for production. Specific wood you are looking for might be available in his inventory, or might need to be ordered from other wood suppliers or possibly found in a natural wooded area and then dried for a period of time prior to creation of the piece.

Next Steps

To discuss creating personalized Wood ART, contact Terry at: terry@albyart.com or 262-806-2086

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