Though many people (including neuroscientists) have invested time and resources studying creativity, the creative process remains mysterious.

Sometimes, Photo ART image-gathering ideas come to Terry when he consciously tries to create.

Sometimes inspiration strikes from associative patterns he visualizes spontaneously in response to other images – much like a word association game, except there is only one player (Terry), the game is played in Terry’s head, and the resulting (mental) list includes creative image possibilities instead of words.

Sometimes he wakes up with full-blown image ideas pleading for life.

Very often while Terry is doing project work in one of his studios, he will embark on one or more creative tangents – ideas related to what he is doing, or unrelated ideas from out of the blue. Unmanaged, this can be distracting for project completion (but productive for creativity).

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In his Photo Studio and Onsite, Terry manages these creative tangents and uses his skill, knowledge, and imagination to create Photo ART. As a given image gathering project proceeds, it may be completed as originally imagined. Or the project may take one or more unanticipated execution approaches, with changes inspired in response to what he sees through his lens or on his computer screen.

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