Terry Alby’s Turned WoodART teases out unseen beauty from wooden pieces or blocks using a lathe, hand-held tools and Terry’s kinetic imagination for forms and finishes.

His Turned WoodART can have every surface cut or manipulated in some way on his lathe or can be a natural abstract wood piece enhanced (with the owner’s idea in mind) by Terry’s lathe-assisted artistry.

In addition to abstracts, some types of Turned WoodART include bowls, knobs, platters, vessels, spindles, plates, candlesticks, cups, lamps, pins, cylindrical boxes, thimbles, game pieces, bats, woodwind instruments and urns.

As appropriate to the project, Turned WoodART may also be enhanced by being sand-blasted, fully or partially burnt, wire-worn or otherwise distressed.

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Simple Machines

Relatively simple machines, lathes can produce abstracts and forms limited only by the artist’s imagination and creativity. But physical considerations – for example, size, weight, and shape – can govern or change how wood can be enhanced or transformed on a lathe. Terry has worked on pieces over 600 pounds and in theory his lathe can accept wood up to seven feet in diameter. In practice, a seven-foot bowl would provide a major challenge to Terry’s current lathe’s engineered mount.

Besides imagination and engineering considerations, budget realities could also limit the types of Turned WoodART Terry can produce.

Next Steps

Search Terry’s WoodART for Sale - Turned Gallery to see his work. If you see something you would like to add to your collection, or are inspired by what you see and would like to commission Terry to help you transform wood you own, cured wood from Terry’s stockroom, or Terry’s inventory of partially-completed pieces into Turned WoodART, use the form found on the Request a Quote page or connect with Terry directly: terry@albyart.com | 262-806-2086

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