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Terry Alby working on the lathe

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...his curiosity, his passion and his artwork. His Wood and Photo Studios provide resourceful playgrounds for his kinetic imagination. His outputs from these creative spaces afford unique connections to beauty, nature, wonder and glimpses into Terry’s soul.

In this discovery process, you might also find avenues for supporting your personal values and search for meaning. Acquiring items from Terry’s WoodART and PhotoART collections can help you inspire others while creating personal spaces at home or work to enrich your life.

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Birds Eye Maple Square Bowl

Birds Eye Maple Square Bowl with weeping wings. Made of left over wood from a Guitar made with and for my son, Ryan. This was a learning experience for me. The wings look bent but are actually cut into this shape on a lathe while spinning like a blender blade at 1000+ rpms. Ouch!


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Wet Cardinal

The cardinal in the water. This was shot with a Canon pocket camera through my kitchen window. Sometimes you get lucky if you try really hard. It does not always require the best equipment!


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Wet Cardinal
Palm Bowl

The Palm Painted Black Oak Bowl

This is obviously a two-part piece and it is not for sale. The palm was collected after the hurricane on Duck Key from my Mother’s residence. It was turned and then wire wheeled removing the soft wood. This left behind the relatively hard and prominent fibers for an interesting effect. The Black was turned, painted and then the cup was removed on the lathe, exposing the raw wood for contrast.


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